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Welcome to JCC East Campus Ministries

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About Our Ministry

The aim of Ask Unk! is to guide young men towards establishing a loving bond with God. This connection, once strengthened, will serve as a foundation for all of a man's actions. It can only be achieved through learning about God, understanding His nature, and His principles, which will establish a set of standards for men to live by.

We believe in Building men spiritually and physically.


We minister to the inside man. 

Counseling, discipleship, Sunday School, and small group bible studies are offered to educate and spiritually build men.


We minister to the outside man

By providing opportunities for physical activity and nutrition education


We minister to the young man. 

Through mentoring, bonding activities, and accountability programs for men.

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About Our Ministry

Lasting marriages are not the result of chance or coincidence. Although many couples believe that love is the only requirement for a happy marriage, those who have been married for a long time know that it takes more than that. Men and women have different ways of thinking and different roles to play, as established by God. Even when a husband and wife have figured out how to work together, children can create new challenges.

I Still Do is a resource that provides practical advice on marriage and parenting. Pastor and Mrs. Butts have ministered to many couples, from newlyweds to grandparents. No matter what stage of life a couple is in, there is always room for improvement in a marriage. Love is certainly important, but practical tips and guidance can also be helpful. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please send us a message.

Ask Unc!
Young Men's Ministry

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I Still Do..
A Couple's Ministry

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