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The Spencre T. Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is to commemorate his memory by providing a scholarship to a hardworking and deserving young man or woman who is seeking to further their education after high school.  Spencre made an everlasting impact on the lives of everyone that he knew, and hopefully this scholarship will provide a means, even if it’s a small one,  to someone who wishes to leave their mark on this world

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"The Spencre T. Memorial Scholarship Fund"

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The Spencre T. Memorial Scholarship Fund is to honor the memory of my radiant, hardworking, outgoing and loving son Spencre.

Spencre’s presence and smile lit up any room that he walked in, and when I say lit, I mean ILLUMINATE.  That’s just how bright his smile was.

His bright smile also matched that of his personality and his strong work ethics.  He worked at FedEx for many years and was known as the human GPS in the

Columbia and Augusta area. There wasn’t a road that he did not travel or could not tell you how to get to. He was extremely dedicated to his job and his 2 sons

Cameron and Samuel. 


His Loving Mother,


Mona L. Martin

Our community and young generation is in need.

Support our efforts to leave a lasting mark on those less fortunate.

Your gift can impact the smallest life.


Help us help others.

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