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Welcome to JCC East Campus



Pastor Adam was born in Norfolk, Virginia and is the youngest of ten siblings. At age 18 he accepted God into his life. Over the years, he has served in numerous ministries including: worship leading, audio visual, couples ministry, men’s ministry, and discipleship facilitator. He accepted his call to preach and teach in 2016 when God showed him His purpose.

Known for his inviting, instructive, energetic teaching style and a passion for equipping men and youth. Pastor Adam is consistently able to reach people from wherever they are at spiritually through the Word and God’s love.  Though the call to preach and teach was answered in 2016, he believes, similar to David, that God had prepared him for his calling over the past 18 years by serving as a facilitator in his professional career.

He views himself as a servant of the Most High God, and gives Him all the praise, glory and honor for his life.



A church that seeks to impact the world for Christ by welcoming people into our loving church, where they can grow together in fellowship, learn the Word of God, are more equipped to live for God and be a light to our community.




We believe that people need to encounter the God who created them.

The first and greatest encounter is our salvation, but it doesn’t end there. We endeavor to build our lives by pursuing God’s presence and trusting  His power to manifest in our day-to-day lives.

Gospel Choir


We believe God desires His children to grow into strong and mature disciples who walk in freedom and victory in their lives.

We desire to see people "equipped for the work of the ministry.”

Supportive Friend


We believe people are part of God's family, and this requires strong, authentic relationships with other believers and to be intentional in building those relationships.

We also desire to see our church engaging our community and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone

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